Project Guideline


The permanent growing road traffic includes a high percentage of heavy transports violating the regulations by truck drivers and fleet operators (10-20% overloaded vehicles deteriorating road infrastructure, creating high maintenance costs and severe safety problems).


The objective of this project is to develop new sensor and control systems to avoid overloading of vehicles and improve traffic safety.


2003 the EC launched a recommendation on enforcement in road safety including clear statements about the use of automated methods in traffic management and control.


Current semi automatic vehicle weighing systems (over 1000) were built worldwide and suffer on high operative and personnel costs and missing long-term accuracy and stability.


The integration of new technologies has the potential for higher performances and additional features for WIM (weigh-in-motion). Previous investigations made clear that more research support is required due to the complexity of the new sensor (customized ICs, electronics, processors, communication, mechanics, installation, and material properties).


According, the project consortium is covering the required RTD expertise.


Core of our project is to provide this missing research expertise and support to the involved SMEs for developing a new dynamic vehicle overload weighing and control systems:



The new WIM sensor will become a “high tech product” integrating the technologies directly installed in the road achieving more required performances and intelligence. Advantages in accuracy, resolution, flat sensor design, digitalization, embedded sensors, interfacing, easy installation and maintenance, new technical features and data will be achieved.


The benefit of the project results addresses national safety administrations, road operators involved in road operation, infrastructures, pavements, tunnels, bridges, heavy vehicle road traffic and freight transporters and will create interesting new markets and unique products and services for the involved SMEs.

Protection by innovative Weigh-in-Motion Systems